Friday, October 11, 2013



GRAND PRIX-Zbigniew Wozniak, Poland

Main Awards:-Krzysztof Grzondziel, Poland
-Tomasz Rzeszutek, Poland

Awards of the agricultural market Agency Field Office in Opole:
1. place: Tomasz Woloszyn, Germany
2. place: Jacek Lanckoroński, Poland
3. place: Henry onion, Poland
Honorable Mention: Zbigniew Wozniak, Poland

Prize sponsored by an Association of traffic development of the region of Neisse
-Rachael Finch, Poland

Hassan's award of the Neisse River
-Magdalena Wosik, Poland

Mayor's Award For The Public Domain: Herbermann
-Wieslaw Lipecki, Poland

Honorary Distinction Mayor Public Domain: Herbermann
-Sławomir Lizoń, Poland

Distinction Of the Neisse River with Ornament
-Peter Opałka, Poland

Honorary Awards-diplomas:
1. Alberto Jerez, USA
2. Luc Descheemaeker, Belgium
3. Mihai Ignat, Romania
4. Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ukraine
5. Peer Tsocho, Bulgaria
6. Sergei Semendyaew, Ukraine


International “Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest /Azerbaijan-2013

 Gold medal
Vladimir Kazanevski-Ukraine

Silver medal
Mehdi Azizi-Iran

Bronze medal
Boris Erenburg-Israel

Special prizes
Ilya Katz - Israel  

Peter Nieuwendijk- Holland 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Distorts the results of international cartoon competitions.

Raed Khalil Continuously distorts the results of international cartoon competitions.
He erases the Israeli cartoonists from the lists of winners on his website.
I would not invite a such person on the jury International Cartoon Competitions.


Reaction from organizers of Gold Panda International Cartoon Competition

Dear Mr.Ilya Katz,
Thank you for your support to our contest.
We are shocked by the issue you told us.
We never received emails with similar opinions.
We only know he is a chief editor of a cartoon website
and do not know such problem. 
Are there many cartoonists having similar ideas? If so,
we will never invite him to be a judge in future. 
However, the current contest is over, we can do nothing more.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
Best regards.
The Committee 

Worldwide Cartoonists support the idea not inviting Raed Khalil on the jury International Cartoon Competitions.

Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia)
Sergei Tunin (Russia)
Boris Erenburg (Israel)
Victor Bogorad (Russia)
Ilya Katz (Israel)
Grigori Katz (Israel)
Yuri Manaev (Russia)
Sergei Elkin(Russia)
Andrey Feldshteyn (USA)
Andrey Popov (Russia)
Andrey Rijov (Russia)
Natalia Suchilkina (Russia)
Yuri Akopyan, journalist (Russia)
Sergey Samonenko, collector (Russia)
Andrey Jigadlo (Russia)
Igor Nikitin (Russia)
Serghiy Fedko (Ukraina)
Pavel Hafizov (Latvia)
Vasiliy Alexandrov (Russia)

Friday, February 3, 2012

2katz Exhibition

European Cartoon Center - Kruishoutem/Belgium
From January 29 until April 1, 2012


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cartoon Exhibition

Slawomir Luczynski

Born 9.11.1953 in Pabianice, Poland – a cartoonist, member of the Association of the Polish Cartoonists (SPAK, Warszawa from 1989).
His cartoons have won him 66 awards in different international competitions and 48 awards in national competitions. For his artistic accomplishments SPAK honoured him twice with the Little Eric (in 1998 and in 2000) and once with the Great Eric (in 2002). In 2001 the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage awarded him the badge for meritorious service for the culture.
Luczynski’s cartoons can be found in many different publications, among others: Karykaturzyści polscy (The Polish Cartoonists), Polska karykatura (The Polish Cartoon), Panorama literatury polskiej XX wieku (The Directory of the Polish Literature in the 20th Century), Śmiech na trudne czasy (Laughter for hard times), Satyra-konspira (Conpiratorial Satire). He published in Polish magazines: Szpilki (Pins), Karuzela (Carousel), Nie (No), Wprost (Straight), Przegląd Tygodniowy (Weekly Review).
He has presented his works at over 126 individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and at 376 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The biggest collection of his works can be found in the Museum of the Contemporary History in Paris.
Luczynski lives and works in Pabianice. He is a graphic designer in a newspaper. He co-operates with every magazine in Poland. He is also interested of photography.
Luczyński is the first Polish cartoonist who has won 100 awards in different cartoon competitions.


Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz

Born in 1951. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Graphical Faculty (1976) summa cum laude.  He works as a painter, illustrator and cartoonist. He started to draw cartoons in 1972 for the polish satirical magazine “Szpilki” and for German monthly magazine ”Pardon”. His drawings was published in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Czech & Slovak Republic, Russia. He was awarded in Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and China.


Rumen Dragostinov

Born in Sofia, in 1956. He began working professionally in grafik design and cartoon field since 1979.
He participates in a number of international cartoon competitions all over the world. He won more than 150 international cartoon competitions prizes and more than 30 national prizes. He was many times a member in international cartoon competition juries. He had his own international exhibitions in Sofia, Bulgaria (1982); Tolentino, Italy (1989); Krushevatz, Serbia (2003) and Kruishoutem, Belgium (2010)


Sergey Sichenko

Graduated with M.A. degree in Arts from Moscow Artistic Institute
Had 7 solo cartoons exhibitions in Israel.
Won 60 prizes in international cartoon competitions.

A r t   a n d   C a r t  o o n


photographer Maxim Nabokov

Viktor Bogorad

Was born в1949 in Leningrad. Has finished LETI.
The first publication - 1973 in magazine "Aurora".
The first international award - in 1974, Skoplje (Yugoslavia).
In total has 20 international awards (Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Poland etc.) He was published in a press of Germany, the USA, Israel, Estonia, the CIS. He was awarded by the national professional award «Gold Ostap» in 1992. With 1975 on 1985 was the secretary of Club of the Leningrad caricaturists. Has published 5 books in the Samizdat (1980-1985), «Bitte recht freundlich» 1987, 1990, Eulenspiegel, Berlin, «Such affairs» 1991 "Lyres" of SPb, "Nuance" 1996, "Ford" of SPb. Personal exhibitions: 1989 “Gallery 10-10” Leningrad, 1990 Zurich and 1991 Schwyz (Switzerland). As a part of group of caricaturists participated in two exhibitions «NJET PROBLEM!» In Germany: Munich (1995) and Berlin (1996).  Many caricatures are in private collections of Germany, Switzerland, the USA. The participant of an exhibition of a caricature "Confrontation" in the State Russian museum in 1996. Some years worked as the artist on carnivals in Nice (France). In 2005 left film BBC about V.Bogorade. Works as the artist-caricaturist in newspapers: "SPb vedomosti "," Vedomosti ", The Moscow  Times.





Gluszek Jerzy

Born in 1956 in Wroclaw, Poland. Graduated from Painting Faculty Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Activity as a freelance cartoonist since 2005.








Břetislav Kovařík

He was born on 26th February 1950. Graduated as a primary teacher and exercised this profession for some years, then worked as a driving school instructor, as a truck driver and afterwards as a pedagogue at a student residence. Then he was occupied at the city's community center where he was in check of programme line, then became a night guard and, since 1991, he work as a freelancer.
Attending to cartoon since 1975, he published his first pen-and-ink in 1977 and from that time on he published widely both in Czech (Czechoslovak) and foreign journals and cooperated with agencies. He won many prizes at the home cartoon festivals and some abroad.
He chair the Czech Union of Cartoonists and partake in holding the international cartoon biennial of Humorest Hradec Králové.
He is married, have three sons, work and live in Hradec Králové.


Andrey Popov
Born in Tashkent, in 1970. He was graduated at Technical Space Institute named "Mozhaiskiy" in 1992. He lives in Saint-Petersburg. Since 1997 he works as cartoonist in "Buisness Saint-Petersburg" newspaper.