Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Distorts the results of international cartoon competitions.

Raed Khalil Continuously distorts the results of international cartoon competitions.
He erases the Israeli cartoonists from the lists of winners on his website.
I would not invite a such person on the jury International Cartoon Competitions.


Reaction from organizers of Gold Panda International Cartoon Competition

Dear Mr.Ilya Katz,
Thank you for your support to our contest.
We are shocked by the issue you told us.
We never received emails with similar opinions.
We only know he is a chief editor of a cartoon website
and do not know such problem. 
Are there many cartoonists having similar ideas? If so,
we will never invite him to be a judge in future. 
However, the current contest is over, we can do nothing more.

Thanks again for your suggestions.
Best regards.
The Committee

Worldwide Cartoonists support the idea not inviting Raed Khalil on the jury International Cartoon Competitions.

Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia)
Sergei Tunin (Russia)
Boris Erenburg (Israel)
Victor Bogorad (Russia)
Ilya Katz (Israel)
Grigori Katz (Israel)
Yuri Manaev (Russia)
Sergei Elkin(Russia)
Andrey Feldshteyn (USA)
Andrey Popov (Russia)
Andrey Rijov (Russia)
Natalia Suchilkina (Russia)
Yuri Akopyan, journalist (Russia)
Sergey Samonenko, collector (Russia)
Andrey Jigadlo (Russia)
Igor Nikitin (Russia)
Serghiy Fedko (Ukraina)
Pavel Hafizov (Latvia)
Vasiliy Alexandrov (Russia)

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